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Checklist of Things To Do Before You Leave for Vacation

This is a checklist to help you get ready for your Maui vacation. It is divided into sections dealing with Home Protection, Things To Do In Advance of Your Departure, Things To Do As You Are Leaving. We hope that you find this list helpful.

Home Protection Items

  • Set automatic timers to turn lights, radios, televisions on and off. 7-day timers are available which allow you to set varying on-off times for each day.
  • Tune your radio to a talk show set on low volume to simulate conversation and make it seem like someone is at home.
  • Ask a friend that you trust to collect your mail, newspapers, deliveries and fliers each day that you are away. This is preferable to stopping deliveries because by doing so you are notifying people that you are gone.
  • Ask your friend to adjust your drapes to make it look like you are home.
  • Make arrangements for lawn mowing or snow removal.
  • Notify police of your absence and ask them to patrol more often.

Things To Do in Advance of Your Departure

  • Finalize travel arrangements.
  • Arrange for pet care and/or plant care.
  • Refill prescriptions.
  • Pay bills that will become due while you are away or soon after you return.
  • Tag your luggage with your business address or the address of your destination. Don't put your home address on your luggage as burglars may use that information to target your home.
  • Create an itinerary and emergency contact list for relatives, friends and caretakers. Keep a copy for yourself for easy reference.
  • Create a list of contact information to report lost or stolen credit/debit cards. Keep this list separate from your purse or wallet.
  • Set up a vacation message on your work email and voicemail.
  • Arrange transportation to the airport if you aren't driving yourself.
  • Pick up reading material for the plane/beach.
  • Water the plants/yard.
  • Finalize packing.
  • Remove unneeded credit cards from your wallet or purse and store them in a safe place.

Things To Do As You Are Leaving

  • Unplug small appliances, computers and unused televisions. This will save money and reduce the chance of damage due to a power surge.
  • Turn off/down the air conditioner/heater.
  • Turn off the water to your clothes washer to prevent flooding from a broken hose.
  • If no one will be watering your yard, turn off the water to your outside faucets.
  • Discard perishables from refrigerator.
  • Empty trash to reduce the possibility of pest invasion.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors.
  • Double check that you have money, identification, tickets, credit cards, confirmation numbers, itinerary, and prescriptions. If you forgot anything else, you can buy it there.

Have a Great Time!!!


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